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The Beatles TTBB Collection

The largest collection of Beatles tunes for tenor and bass voices across the universe.

4-part voicing with 5-piece band.

Based on transcripts of the original studio recordings.

Available exclusively at Sheet Music Plus.

Click on a title to preview or order the music.

The Beatles TTBB Collection is suited for every size ensemble from a quartet to a dynamic men's chorus. Some arrangements are replicated note-for-note; others flesh out the vocals with new harmony; and some are creative departures from the original. In every case, there's no mistaking that it's a celebration of music by the Fab Four. 


To download the music, click on a title above or search for the entire TTBB collection on Sheet Music Plus. Simply enter the number of singers in your group and print to PDF. No additional royalties or licensing required. Get started on your favorite songs today!

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